During this training school ESRs learnt about the cutting-edge diagnostic techniques and instruments that are typically used to diagnose ASD and emergent ADHD in toddlers. It included both the theory and background to questionnaire, interview and observational measures and in person experience of actual assessments. The real world clinical issues of differential diagnosis, comorbidity and stability of diagnosis in child psychiatry equipped the ESRs with knowledge relevant to a wide range of neurodevelopmental conditions. The topics were:

  • ASD intruments and clinical assesments by dr. Greg Pasco. This course was complemented with some practical cases.
  • Diagnosis and cognitive theories of ASD by dr. Tony Charman.
  • Diagnosis, psychological theories and treatment of ADHD by dr. Herbert Roeyers.
  • Intervention in ASD by dr. Sara Van der Paelt.


Also as part of this training ESRs received training on how to follow their careers after the network project. During these workshops, they explored different career options and received training in how to apply for work in the academic, industry or public sectors, interview techniques as well as in grant writing. The main topics were:

  • Grant writing: Financing your ambitions by Pieter Jan Boom and Brechje de Ruyck.
  • What's next? Life after the PhD by Noëmi Debacker and Karen Vandevelde.

As a complementary course, ESRs received valuable training in Longitudinal analysis and missing values treatment. This course was given by dr. Wim Beyers.