Singel 160
1015AH, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Project leader

Marten den Uyl
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Project staff

Andreas Maroulis,Research Fellow
Research Fellow
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Tim den Uylm
Machine Vision Enginee
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Institute presentation

VicarVision, founded in 2001, is one of four daughter companies of the SMRgroep, active in research and development in applied AI technologies. VicarVision develops computer vision systems focusing on watching people from video, in real time. In 2007 VicarVision introduced the FaceReader, the first commercially available vision system able to evaluate basic emotional expressions on the human face –even for unknown persons- in real time. FaceReader is distributed through our partner Noldus IT and is currently being used by hundreds of academic and industry research institutes worldwide. As technology leader in facial expression analysis, we experience increasingly stiff competition in recent years from mostly USA and UK spin offs from leading academic research institutes on facial expression (MIT, UCSD, Cambridge).