University of Warsaw
Faculty of Psychology
Stawki 5/7
04-205 Warszawa

Project leader

Dr Przemysław Tomalski
  • Phone:+48 22 55 49 753 / +48 22 55 49 742
  • Fax:+48 22 635 79 91
  • Email


Project co-leader

Prof. Joanna Rączaszek-Leonardi
  • Phone:+48 22 55 49 798
  • Fax:+48 22 635 79 91
  • Email

Project staff

Mr David Lopez Perez
  • Phone:+48 22 55 49 789
  • Email


Institute presentation

University of Warsaw (UW), founded in 1816, is the best university and a leading research centre in Poland, with a population of over 53 000 students and 3,250. UW is the most active Polish organization in terms of EC contribution to FP7 according to the EC „Innovation Union Competitiveness Report 2011”, and it has received 7% of the total amount of funding granted by the Commission to projects in Poland.

The Faculty of Psychology (FP-UW) has been rated as the top performing research institution in psychology for several consecutive years and its leadership was confirmed in the latest research assessment by the Polish Ministry of Science (2013), sharing the top A+ rating with only one other institution in the country. From 2012 the Faculty hosts the Babylab, lead by P. Tomalski, the first infant development laboratory in the country, which is running a longitudinal study of infant siblings of children in autism as part of the Eurosibs consortium.