Utrecht University 
Developmental Psychology
Heidelberglaan 1
3584CS Utrecht

Project leader

Prof. dr. Chantal Kemner
  • Phone:+31 30 253 9458
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Project staff

Dr. Carlijn van den Boomen]
  • Phone:+31 30 253 3386
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Renata Di Lorenzo, MSc.
  • Phone:+31 30 253 4700
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Institute presentation

Utrecht University is an internationally renowned research university. It has opted to increase its research focus and to connect scientific excellence and fundamental research with a societal charge into four Strategic themes, one of which is Dynamics of Youth, uniting researchers with a focus on (abnormal) child development from all relevant faculties, including amongst others the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences (FSBS) and the Academic Medical Center (UMCU) (specifically the Rudolf Magnus Brain Center/BCRM).

The UU has obtained, as part of a national consortium, a major grant from the Dutch Governement to start two longitudinal child cohorts in Utrecht, one of which will be an infant cohort. The cohort will be based in the ‘KinderKennisCentrum’ (Center for knowledge on Child Development), a dedicated facility for (brain) research in children with a strong tie to the strategic theme Dynamics of Youth, including multiple EEG and eyetracker labs, an fNIRS lab, facilities for behavioral observation and cognitive testing and the possibility for home testing. There is cooperation with experts on neuroimaging in the BCRM (including extensive expertise on connectivity analyses), and research groups in FSBS and Humanities Faculty with expertise on behavioral observation, cognitive measures, language development and aninimal and statistical modelling of development.